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Anchronous, the world of two [entries|friends|calendar]

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World . Anchronous
Season . Summer
Above . Solumus
Below . Dourangst

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Feline . Comero
Lupine . Apply
Vampire . Nobilities

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OOC: Characters [29 Feb 2004|02:56am]

List of characters in the roleplay for future reference.

¥ Shapeshifters:

¥ Vampires:

*Submit a profile.
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Character profile for Javier [29 Feb 2004|03:03am]

JavierCollapse )
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The Inquisition [28 Feb 2004|09:52pm]

Application to join Anchronous, the shapeshifter and vampire roleplay community.

You may join on your own, but to receive posting rights in the community, you must post the following application either as a comment to a non-roleplay post, or, send it to Shini-the mod/Jadie-the mod (LJ-users: kuriku/cyanidical).

1. Character name & possible nickname
This is so we know how many characters you're rp'ing, and to check if we can, perhaps, wove the character to start out with a higher rank.

2. Species & possible powers
This is obvious. If you have questions about the powers, refer to the FAQ page, or ask one of the mods.

3. Gender of character (and you)
As implied.

4. Where are you from? (country/state/whatever)
This is so we have an idea of holidays and your timezone. We actually do keep track of how often you post.

5. Short description of your character
To get an idea of your skills and style.

We have a 'Characters'-list (see 'menu') where we'd like you to write a longer character file for us. You may post it in your own journal, or into this community. On this Character profile, we'd like the following:

- Description (optional)
- Name + possible meaning for name
- Race (species + ratio of pureness)
- Gender
- Actual Age (as opposed to 'age of appearance)
- Rank (if the character has one)
- Status (optional)
- Appearance (if shapeshifter: then both as animal and as human, if a vampire that looks different as a vampire: description)
- Personality
- History
- Fears (optional)
- Goals (optional)
- Habits (optional)
- Abilities (powers)
- Skills
- Quotes (optional)
- Extra (optional)

This way new members can easily access fellow character information without the trouble of searching.
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Be I the only vampy? o.o [21 Feb 2004|10:58pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

There was no sky in the underground city. There was no reason that a sky should exist. But some natural light does shine. One simply assumes that it's the moon, eternally giving off its muted rays of light; in this world, the sun is a thing unknown. The moon's dim rays tried vainly to light up the dreary underground city. It's meek light only touched the rooftops of the many rickety spires and cathedrals below. Barely lit streetlights glowed dully, washing the stone-paved roads with a dead yellow shade.

Thorne leaned against the thick pillars on the top level of the cathedral. Eyes that reflected the cold, grey stone flickered lazily over the tops of the spires and towers. She gazed towards the gigantic castle-like mansion; her home. She watched as a light in the lower window flared up, and then down again. Turning her stare away from the mansion, she allowed a loose sigh to penetrate the silence around her.

She had been bored, listening to the lower ranks chitter and chatter on and on about... Whatever they were rambling about. She tapped her nails listlessly upon her knee, which was drawn up loosely to her chest; being the head of the entire population of vampires could get annoying sometimes. She drew the neck of her obsidian cloak around her. Balancing easily upon the not-so-wide stone ledge, she stared down at the rooftops. Judging by the very little activity going on in the usually mildly crowded streets, it was probably way past midnight. Even vampires have to sleep sometime or later.

Glad to be alone for the time being, she leaned as far as she could, pressing herself against the cool stone pillars. Eyes drifting to a half-close as she took a deep breath.

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open :D [22 Feb 2004|01:58pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

It's under the cover of night that Oliver choses to hunt. When his patterened fur hides itself in the monochrome lit landscape, where the moon provides the only light. This time, he's after a small rodant-ish creature that he's seen, and stalks silently forward. Pads on silent paws, step by step, whiskers bristling and his tale lashing slightly in the air behind him. Then stops, freezes, as the rodant suddenly starts and disappears in a flurry of short fur and a panicked squeak. Listens closely, and he can hear the faintest ruffle in the vegetation and catch a faint hint as he's downwind of both prey and stranger.

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Let the roleplay commence... [16 Feb 2004|02:47am]

Starlit, may be the description of the sky above and the vacant land around Solumus, but within the centered and dispersed Acheronian forest, obscurity reigns as the impenetrable foliage above allows not the slightest illumination to surpass its filters. The advantage of this night-long darkness is taken for benefit by the mischievous nighttime prowler; Ante, a pure obsidian panther of ample and stout build.

Surpassing the evergreen vegetation, their long leaves brushing against his rugged fur, and their few spared droplets of dew drenching his already slick outlines; he shortens his gaits as the boundaries of his territory are neared. Although only performing a routine inspection for intruders, he slinks about, ears flattened to skull, cymophanous eyes raking the terrain for an alarum of any sort.
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Solumus [16 Feb 2004|02:00am]

In the early hours of the day, when the sun ascends from its refuge to glaze the vast and richly vegetated terrain, the beauty and magnificence of unaltered nature is at its prime. Heat infested Solumus attracts humans with its serpentine rivers, misty lakes, dense jungle-forests, rocky mountains and its endless view of desert sand. Its large supply of water, soil, rodents and small predators are highly demanded by its permanent inhabitants; the small population of shapeshifters.

The ‘sun land’ they call it, for the temperature is always high, and the sky seldom cloudy; a regular vampire’s nightmare. It is known to be the asylum of those few beastly creatures left from the historical massacre by the vampires, and the last place a vampire could be found.
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